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POLS 3316
Professor Dale Story
Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Office Hours (by appointment):  We, 6-7--Office is 449 University Hall
Class Room, 001 UH--Class Time, 7pm-9:50pm

  • Announcements
    • It is the responsibility of every student to confirm that they are registered for this class, that they have read and understand the syllabus, and they are aware of and will abide all class policies and procedures. It is assumed that all students still on the class roll after the drop deadline attended at least one class prior to the the first exam.
    • For Mid-Term know:
      • Location of 20 Latin American countries on map
      • Names of and basic information on current Presidents of first 10 Latin American countries on the list of Latin American Presidents below. We will be updating these as we progress.
      • Basic information on articles below.
    • See "For Review" bullet at bottom of each section's main page
    • BBC is an excellent source. Go to Country Profiles at bottom.