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ARGENTINA, 2/20/15

  • Diego Maradona

  • Malvinas Memorial

  • For Review (always use sentence and paragraph format--organize)
    • Major exports and trading partner
    • Accomplishments of Radical Period (1916-30)
    • Causes and focus of 1930 military coup
    • Meaning of conservative rule in 1930s
    • Roca-Runciman Treaty
    • 1943 coup--factors, result
    • Juan Peron--role in 1943 GOU, arrest, elections, policies, coalition, ideology, corporatism, IAPI, sectoral class, decline in popularity in 1950s
    • Eva Peron--background, political role
    • 1955 military coup--cause and objective
    • Frondizi--ideology, coalition, and Peronists
    • 1962 coup--cause and objective
    • Illia--ideology and Peronists
    • 1966 coup--different? B-A--success in restoring order ("Cordoboza")--economic policies
    • 1973--Peron returns--results?
    • 1976-83--Videla and return of B-A--Why?--Same policies?--What motivated the Falkland/Malvinas War and what was (were) the result(s)
    • 1983--return to democracy--two major parties--stable?--judicial and political attitude toward and treatment of B-A generals (Videla best example)
    • Current president and her successor--relation--party--recent events
    • What is the relation between economic stages and regime change in Argentina?