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POLS 3315-001
Professor Dale Story
Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Office Hours-After class--Office is 449 University Hall
Class Room, UH 001--Class Days/Time, MoTuWeTh, 10:30am-12:30pm

No textbooks have been ordered for this class.  However, you will find links to recommended readings in the outlines. And we will be utilizing a number of in-class videos.

  • Your final grade will be determined by attendance and take-home assignments (weighted 75%) and a research paper (weighted 25%). If you attend class, arrive on-time, do not leave class early, and submit an acceptable take-home assignment; your grade for that class will be 100. Your grade will be a zero if you do not attend or arrive on-time. I will probably discount one grade of zero. All of your grades for each class day will be averaged for the score that will be 75% of your final grade. 
  • Unless you would prefer to take two in-class, closed book essay exams (mid-term and final). In this case your final grade will be determined by the two exams (weighted a total of 75%) and a research paper (weighted 25%). I must be notified by 10:30am via email on July 14 if you intend to take the exam option.
  • The research paper is due via email by 10:30am, Aug. 15. Late papers will have 50 points deducted. Papers submitted after 10:30am, Aug. 18 will receive a zero.
  • Announcements
    • It is the responsibility of every student to confirm that they are registered for this class, that they have read and understand the syllabus, and they are aware of and will abide all class policies and procedures. It is assumed that all students still on the class roll after the drop deadline attended at least one class prior to the the first exam.
    • Research Paper Assignments (updated 7/14). Quality is more important than quantity. I envision papers in the range of 10-15 pages. However, it is feasible that an 8 page paper could be excellent and a 20 page paper could be terrible. You should consult several academic sources. No particular citation style is necessary. But I do want a Bibliography with full citations. And if you are directly quoting or relying on a particular source, you should footnote that. Emphasize analysis. You want to understand the events in terms of who, what, when, and where. But you should also address the why. If you have a comparative topic, you should not think that you are doubling your research. Just do not go into as much depth on each country--and focus on the differences and why those differences occur.
  • Miscellaneous