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POLS 5381-001
Professor Dale Story
Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Office Hours (by appointment):  before or after class--Office is 449 University Hall
Class Room, 455 UH--Class Time, 6-10pm

  • Outlines
    • June 3
    • June 10, No Class
      • Work on Time-Line for Eva Peron
      • Work on Time-Line for Pablo Escobar
      • Both are due hard copy in class by start of class on June 17
    • June 17
    • June 24
    • July 1
      • Jean-Betrand Aristide
      • Mid-term distributed July 1, due 6pm, July 8, via email, with subject line of: POLS 5381, Mid-term, Your Last Name
    • July 8
      • Ernesto "Che" Guevara--no contextual time-line is due for Guevara
      • July 8, "Take-home" Mid-Term is due.  For any one of the following individuals, discuss their life and times in the context of the political/economic/cultural development of their nation.  In both take-home exams and in the research paper, you need to focus on analysis. What role did they play in the progress of their country?  What factors contributed to their assuming an important role (socialization process)?  The key is to not only survey the facts of their life, but to analyze their personal contributions (positive or negative) in their particular country (and factors that influenced them).  Example: No need to even mention their DOB, unless the timing is relevant. Hypothetical: Lionel Messi was born in the early 1930s when Argentina was facing its greatest economic challenges ever. And expand. Later: He studied abroad and was greatly influenced by the dependentista theorists to which he was exposed. And expand... In the mid-term, you may discuss either Eva Peron, Pablo Escobar, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Betrand Aristide, or Ernesto "Che" Guevara.  HOWEVER, you may not use an individual who will also be the subject of your research paper.  No references needed unless you are directly quoting from or borrowing a major idea from an author (e.g., "Seymour Martin Lipset said..."). Email your test as an attachment.  I must receive it by 6pm, July 8.  Do not exceed 10 double-spaced pages.  Use the typical subject line:  Your Last Name, 5381, Mid-Term. Always include pagination (a page number on each page).
    • July 15
    • July 22
    • July 28
    • August 5
      • Bob Marley
      • Final distributed August 5, due 6pm, August 11, via email, with subject line of: POLS 5381, Final, Your Last Name
    • August 11
      • Final is due. Same instructions as the Mid-Term--but the options are Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Salvador Allende, or Bob Marley
  • Announcements
    • It is the responsibility of every student to confirm that they are registered for this class, that they have read and understand the syllabus, and they are aware of and will abide all class policies and procedures. It is assumed that all students still on the class roll after the drop deadline attended at least one class prior to the the first exam.
    • Unless otherwise announced, a contextual time-line (1-2 pages--double-spaced--sentences and paragraphs) is due as a hard copy at the beginning of the class in which we discuss that particular individual.
    • Research paper is due via email no later than 6pm, Monday, Aug. 11. If you are writing on anyone that we have not covered, please clear that with me. You cannot write on anyone that that was your focus in either exam. Should be 10-15 pages. Should include sources other than those cited in class and a List of References (any style acceptable, just consistent, and all citation information included). No need for footnotes unless directly quoting or borrowing from a specific source (e.g., Lipset says in his APSR article that ...). Subject in email should have: POLS 5381, Research Paper, Your Last Name.
  • Miscellaneous